Young Leader – Modules

The modules of the Young Leaders’ Scheme are designed to cover all aspects of training. They will help Young Leaders become aware of, and learn how to deal with, various different facets of leadership within the Scouting Movement.

The modules are designed to be flexible and encourage innovation, so be as creative as you can! As long as the aim and objectives are met, they can be delivered in any way by anybody with the appropriate training or experience.

Module A – Prepare for take-off! This module is compulsory for all Young Leaders and must be completed within three months of becoming a Young Leader. It covers key areas which every Young Leader will need to know:

Purpose and Method of The Scout Association
Child protection
Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)
Activity rules and safety
Understanding the role of the Young Leader and where they fit in the overall organisational structure
A Young Leaders’ Badge and woggle should be awarded after completing Module A. This badge signifies that a Young Leader has completed their basic training.

Module B – Taking the lead! Young Leaders will learn about leadership styles, when to use particular styles and the role of the leader.

Module C – That’s the way to do it! Young Leaders will explore different ways of instructing younger members.

Module D – Understanding behaviour Young Leaders will learn how to deal with difficult situations in their section, and the possible causes of bad behaviour.

Module E – Game on! This module aims to teach Young Leaders the importance of using games as a programme tool in their section. It illustrates different types of games, and shows how they can be appropriate to different circumstances and times.

Module F – Making Scouting accessible Young Leaders learn to identify the individual needs of members in their section. After this module, they will understand the importance of making adjustments in their programmes to take additional needs into account.

Module G – Programme plans
Module H – Programme plans plus
Modules G and H tackle an important area of section leadership – programme planning. The focus of these modules is the concept of the balanced programme, including the various awards and badges available. Young Leaders will initially plan a section meeting in Module G, progressing to long-term programme planning issues in Module H. Module G should be completed before Module H is begun.

Module I – What did they say? In all sections, input from the members is crucial to success. This module explores another important leadership function – how to communicate effectively with young people, and how to listen to them. Once our Young Leaders have acquired these skills, they will be able to make a valuable contribution to the health and wellbeing of the section in which they are working.

Module J –This has now been merged with Module G.

Module K – First Aid master class Module K uses a well tested and established training course, the First Response course, to teach emergency aid to Young Leaders. Alternative options to the First Response course are outlined in the module. It may be appropriate for a Young Leader who intends to become an adult leader to undertake this as they approach 18.

A Young Leader belt buckle and adult badge should be awarded on completion of the entire scheme (completion of ALL training modules and missions). This badge can be worn on the adult uniform to recognise a person’s participation in the Young Leaders’ Scheme.

The Young Leader certificate should be presented when the Young Leader either turns 18 or completes the whole scheme. The back of the certificate can be used to record which modules and missions the Young Leader has completed.